Our DJ's offer a variety of styles for various types of events from weddings to Bar Mitzvahs. We specialize in Hip-Hop and funk styles. These include, but are not limited to battles, parties and festivals. 

Our Dj's also offer music mixing for dances or other needs involving music and mixing. 


All of our Artists are either classically trained in the fine arts or are trained in the Wild Style experience. Share your vision and we can most definitely help you in bringing that idea to life. We specialize in Graffiti, but are knowledgeable with various art mediums.


Breakers will always be the highlight of a hype party. Once you see them bust a move, everyone gets live. 

You can choose the amount of breakers you want for any specific occasion. Whether it be a music video or live choreography/freestyle.


Every Mentor is knowledgeable in the art of battle as well as youth interaction. Every student will be mentored by two or more members of the crew in order to understand the essence of Breakin', self-discipline and personal growth. Of course, all within a healthy manner and environment. We encourage the freedom of movement and creativity within dance. Each program is personalized to fit each induvial student. 

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Prices Vary depending on event logistics. Personal or business events, location, etc. 


Phone: (763) 843-8784