Daniel "M.K. Ultra" Rosas was born in MN. He is a BBOY as well as a Graffiti and Fine Arts Artist. He has travelled around the globe for teaching and battles. He looks forward to turning up your event.

DJ Los Boogie, is a MN Hip-Hop legend. Having travelled the world for battling and DJ'ing, you wont find anyone else with this expertise. He is a great mentor and great person to make your event live!

BBOY ALLOZ is a hometown hero. Having battled in many high caliber events, Alloz has earned his stripes. Don't get it twisted though, he knows how to turn up too.

BBOY SLINK is our flips specialist. Having travelled and coached on an international level, He is the man with the plan!

Myke The Sun Eating Titan is originally from NY. He made his move to MN and quickly earned his spot on the dance floor. Titans Party too!

Nate CRASH isn't your average Minnesotan, having travelled around the world to teach and perform... He will get your party rockin'! 

BBOY JESUS, born and raised in Minnesota. Jesus has participated and helped develop a strong community as an instructor and mentor to the youth.