Coming Soon!!! - 2025



Break Inc Presents The Minnesota Breakin' League.

Are you a BBoy or a BGirl and want to test out your skills on the floor? 

Well, we present the MBL. Minnesotas own league dedicated to community building and friendly competition through the art of Breakin' (Breakdance.) Since 1973, Hip-Hop has offered a safe haven for many inner-city youths through the four pillars: MC, DJ, GRAFFITI and BREAKIN' 

Skip forward, Breakin' is now an international phenomenon with its 2024 inclusion in the Olympics in Paris, France. 

To further build this healthy culture within our own local community, Break Inc. Has decided to start its own official League.


Rules and Regulations:

1. You must register online with the official MN Breakin' League link located below. (Please include wether you will be entering the youth or adult league. Must be 18+ to enter adult category)

 - Competitor does not have to live in Minnesota in order to battle but must be in Minnesota during final if qualified. (Please specify where you are FROM.)

2. Once registered with all required information, competitor must enter two out of three qualifying events in order to rank.

3.  Top 4 BBoys/BGirls will automatically qualify for the Final Event.


All rankings will be updated up to a week after every qualifier. 

Winner of finals will gain automatic entry in the following years final and reign supreme until the following year.


Please Note that there will be a last chance cypher the day before the Final battle. Information for the last chance event will be updated one week before the official Final date. 

Lastly, there will be a qualifier for both Adults and Youth.

Battle Dates: (For more info, please check the SESSIONS AND EVENTS page)

Qualifier 1 

Qualifier 2  

Qualifier 3